No-No Words…

Marketing Strategy

“Are there words you HATE to see in sales copy?” That’s what someone asked me last month, at a lunch-and-learn event. My answer? Yes, of course! The so-called word “impactful” makes me cringe. The word “hustle” and the phrase “crush it” both get on my nerves. And literally no one seems to understand what a […]

A Check-Up for Your About Page

Marketing Strategy

Your About Page is kinda like a dental cleaning. Hmmm…let’s unpack that.  🙂 See, I had my teeth cleaned earlier this week, like a responsible adult person. And like all dentists, he’s making small talk while my mouth is full of electric toothbrush and floss and probably a monkey wrench, just to see if it […]

Some Babies Are Ugly

Marketing Strategy

You gasp, but it’s true. Now, I’m talking about product babies, of course. Your business baby. Because a lot of times, there’s something wrong with them. Something customers complain about. Or something that repels prospects. And you can try to slap an oversized bow on it and insist it’s perfect…but your customers aren’t idiots. And […]

That Time I Got Into an eBay Fight…

Email marketing, Funnel optimization

The story contains a valuable sales copy lesson, though, so all was not lost. So, there I was, on eBay. And I found the holy grail: My beloved discontinued jeans in my exact size, in my favorite wash, basically brand new. Only $23? Shut the front door–sold! But when they arrived, I could barely get […]