A Check-Up for Your About Page

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Your About Page is kinda like a dental cleaning.

Hmmm…let’s unpack that. :) 🙂

See, I had my teeth cleaned earlier this week, like a responsible adult person.

And like all dentists, he’s making small talk while my mouth is full of electric toothbrush and floss and probably a monkey wrench, just to see if it fits.

Anyway, the dentist tells me that some patients go for YEARS in between visits. Which is kinda crazy, because gum disease is linked to heart and lung disease, as well.

Teeth: often neglected, but super important, right?

It’s the same with your About Page.

It’s one of the MOST visited pages on any site. (Crazy, but true.) So it’s super important.

However, the sales copy on that page usually falls short, because it’s often just an afterthought. And then you lose readers and customers.

So…in my latest guest post for Copy Chief, you’ll discover:

  • The REAL goal of the About Page (hint: It should be converting)…
  • Why “About Me” is NOT really “about you”…
  • Six questions readers have when they click on the page, and how to answer those questions…
  • Plus an example of a killer About Page that wins the Internet…

All right here: