That Time I Got Into an eBay Fight…

Email marketing, Funnel optimization

The story contains a valuable sales copy lesson, though, so all was not lost. So, there I was, on eBay. And I found the holy grail: My beloved discontinued jeans in my exact size, in my favorite wash, basically brand new. Only $23? Shut the front door–sold! But when they arrived, I could barely get […]

How to Curse in English

Email marketing, Onboarding

My mom is bilingual, and there’s this story she loves about a Spanish-speaker who wants to learn how to curse in English. So it goes like this: The guy meets this group of Americans, and they agree to teach him some “colorful” vocabulary. Only something is getting lost in translation. He keeps saying stuff like, […]

Made You Click! Subject Lines Worth Swiping

Email marketing

Like a lot of copywriters, I keep a swipe file for inspiration. However, instead of keeping it to myself, I thought I’d share the subject lines I’ve been swiping lately. Basically, if a subject line stands out amongst the 100 emails I wake up to, and makes me actually click, I save it in a […]