How to Add Value With A Moldy Petri Dish

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It was a petri dish of funk.

I’d left it out in my living room, just like the directions said. Closed it, sealed it, and waited.

Two days later, there was mold growing in it! That was floating around in the air in my HOUSE?!

So the next day, I set up an air purifier, on loan from the company. I let it do its thing, and then retested the air with a new petri dish. A couple of days later, the petri dish was clear. No more funk.

THIS was the sales process for the air purifier. Two petri dishes, and a loaner machine.

Genius, right?

Sure, you could read all about the benefits of the purifier…

How it works without chemicals…

How it “kills” 99% of airborne allergens like mold, pollen, and surface bacteria…

However, I’m guessing that most air purifiers sell you on similar points.

Are they true? Who knows! Do I even have those things in my air? Beats me!

But when a company hands you their product and two petri dishes, not only do you get to see what’s in the air in your home…

You see that the product really works.

In fact, that’s such a huge value, followed by such incontrovertible proof…

They didn’t even have to pitch me.

I took back the loaner machine and bought a purifier immediately. And my sinuses lived happily ever after.


This is by far one of the best examples I’ve ever seen of the “show, don’t tell” principle in copywriting.

How can you do the same with your product?