No-No Words…

Marketing Strategy /

“Are there words you HATE to see in sales copy?”

That’s what someone asked me last month, at a lunch-and-learn event.

My answer? Yes, of course!

The so-called word “impactful” makes me cringe. The word “hustle” and the phrase “crush it” both get on my nerves.

And literally no one seems to understand what a “guru” or a “ninja” really is…or the definition of the word “literally.”

However, as The Dude would say, “That’s just like, my opinion, man.”

And when it comes to copy, my opinion doesn’t matter one bit.

So, being a good sales copy therapist, I dug in deeper. “Let’s talk about why you’re asking this question.”

Turns out, she helps parents with difficult kids understand why their kids have tantrums. And that’s word-for-word what the parents say they want: to understand.

However, her business coach told her to quit using the word “understand.”

I say that’s “literally” insane!

If that’s what your customers are asking for…

If that’s the language they use…

Meet them where they are.

And that means if the customers say they want “to be an impactful ninja that can literally crush it”…

Well, I’m gonna use those words to speak to those hopeful little ninjas.

Because it’s not about our preferences, or even what some coach tells us. It’s always, always about your audience.