How to Curse in English

Email marketing, Onboarding

My mom is bilingual, and there’s this story she loves about a Spanish-speaker who wants to learn how to curse in English. So it goes like this: The guy meets this group of Americans, and they agree to teach him some “colorful” vocabulary. Only something is getting lost in translation. He keeps saying stuff like, […]

Made You Click! Subject Lines Worth Swiping

Email marketing

Like a lot of copywriters, I keep a swipe file for inspiration. However, instead of keeping it to myself, I thought I’d share the subject lines I’ve been swiping lately. Basically, if a subject line stands out amongst the 100 emails I wake up to, and makes me actually click, I save it in a […]

Why Your Prospects Think You’re Full of It

Show don't tell

Check out my latest post, over at Copy Chief! In the article, you’ll discover: Why your copy raises red flags, even if you’re being 100% honest and selling a proven product… How to use the “Yeah, Right” test to find those red flags in your sales materials… How to replace those red flags with the right […]

An “Unsubscribe” Lesson from Total Bastard Airlines

Email lists

Some marketers freak out if they get too many unsubscribes. And some will even follow up with each and every person who leaves their list… I guess to beg them to come back? It seems kinda obnoxious. And bad for business, too. Because really, you should welcome unsubscribes. In fact, do you remember the Total Bastard Airlines skit from […]