Some Babies Are Ugly

Marketing Strategy /

You gasp, but it’s true.

Now, I’m talking about product babies, of course. Your business baby.

Because a lot of times, there’s something wrong with them. Something customers complain about. Or something that repels prospects.

And you can try to slap an oversized bow on it and insist it’s perfect…but your customers aren’t idiots.

And ignoring their concerns will only cost you sales.

So instead, put the negative features in a positive light.

Now, I don’t mean that you should spit in their faces and tell them it’s raining. (See “customers aren’t idiots” above.)

I mean, what could be GOOD about that negative feature? WHO might it benefit?

For instance, I have one client who sells courses that are one hour long. Often prospects think the courses can’t be that valuable, because they’re only one hour. When in fact, these are high-quality, no-fluff courses.

So here’s one BAD way to approach this:

Don’t mention the “ugly” feature at all. Leave that little surprise for after the purchase.

That’s a great way to lose a customer. And your good reputation.

Here’s another BAD way to approach this:

In the sales copy, say, “They’re only one hour, but they’re high-quality. We can teach you everything you need to know in one hour.”

This is just telling them it doesn’t suck. They have no reason to believe it’s true, though. And, this copy is making excuses for the “ugly” feature.

And the more you try to justify yourself, the more skeptical people are going to feel.

So to turn this perceived negative (“they’re only one hour so they aren’t valuable”) into a positive, I changed the conversation.

“Instead of a three-month, multi-module program, our team pours 15 hours of research into every course. We boil it down to a proven, step-by-step plan so that after just one hour, you can take action and start seeing results. Just like the top performers do.”

In the sales copy above, it’s no longer about qualifying the product to them, or begging them to believe that it really is valuable.

We’re saying, “Don’t waste your time, take action quickly like all those successful people you admire. And heck yes it’s only one hour, because you don’t need to spend months taking a course, you need to get in and get results.”

And all of those features are absolutely true. They¬†just weren’t being conveyed in the copy.

So, what’s ugly about YOUR baby? And what are some ways you could change the conversation?